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CRYING over here reading a review from one of our wedding clients!!!, This was definitely the most stressful wedding weekend we've had so far, but...

CRYING over here reading a review from one of our wedding clients!!!
This was definitely the most stressful wedding weekend we've had so far, but hearing these incredible words from our clients makes everything we went through MORE than 100% worth it!
So dang blessed to have a chance to work with such sweet souls. All of the hard work and the not-so-fun stuff about running a business is so worth moments of gratitude like these. ♥
Everyone desires to have their story told in a way that truly portrays the value + emotion of their life at a given time – and ours, in this season, happens to be a story of redemption, freedom + love.
We had seen, followed + admired the work of photographer Kristen Kaiser for over a year + had fallen in love with her talent. The way she tells stories through her lens is remarkably captivating + there was no question that we wanted our day to be captured + shared through her perspective.
Now, if you’re soon-to-be married folk then you probably know it would benefit you to not only have a “plan A” but a B, C + D… for the just in case scenarios.
We didn’t do that. Then again, we had a small, intimate wedding with about 10 family members present… what could go wrong?
• A “winter storm” shut the city down
• Hair stylist for the Bride cancelled 5 days before wedding
• Groom-to-be visited the ER + walked out though the doc wanted to admit him to the hospital the day before the wedding
• Cake vendor cancelled DAY OF
• Brunch vendor cancelled DAY OF
Plans and expectations changed due to conditions out of our control, therefore I had to be realistic in thinking that if a local vendor has to cancel due to inclement weather conditions, I seriously can’t expect my photographer to travel to Central Alabama from Central Illinois.
But she did - along with her second shooter. Multiple flights cancelled + a spontaneous road trip later… they showed up. This spoke VOLUMES!
Not only are Kristen Kaiser’s photographs a true work of art, but the integrity + client-centeredness of their business is unsurpassed. From the skype coffee date to the unpacking of my wedding photos in hand, the experience was a relaxed, fun + exciting one.
We knew we weren't just 'hiring' Kristen, but choosing to make an investment... in us, for our day. Our wedding day photographs are a treasure. Now those precious once-in-a-lifetime moments aren't just memories running through our minds but moments captured. Tangible reminders of… redemption, freedom, + love. Our story was a story well told. #kudosforkaiser
<3 <3 ♥
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Update : 25-05-2018