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I have an amazing recipe for naked orange chicken, and was in the middle of making it a couple months ago

I have an amazing recipe for naked orange chicken, and was in the middle of making it a couple months ago, when I realized I didn’t have any oranges! Kind of an essential part of the recipe.
I’m not super woo-woo, but I found myself thinking “how cool would it be if I could just manifest some oranges?”
We live in a building with 24 units, most of which are vacation homes, which means we don’t see our neighbors very often, but I followed the thought just long enough to imagine what it would be like to run into someone who might have an orange for me, and not have to run out to the store.
I laughed it off as I grabbed my car keys and started out the front door.
Making my way through the lobby, I caught a glimpse of the common room. “I wonder if someone may have left an orange in the fridge there? How crazy would that be?” I made my way down the hall, and took a look through the fridge and cabinets. No dice.
Back in the lobby, making my way to the parking lot, I heard the pool door open and my upstairs neighbor walked through the door. She’d clearly been at the beach and happened to be carrying a cooler with her. “You don’t happen to have an orange in there do you?” I almost couldn’t believe I was asking the question, it seemed so unlikely, but the opportunity had presented itself, so I stepped into it.
“Orange?” she asked with her thick Russian accent. “Yeah, I’m on my way to the grocery store to pick up an orange for a recipe I’m trying to make, and though you might have one.” She giggled, and shook her head, “No, but I have upstairs! Come, I give to you!”
I followed her upstairs where she gave me not one, but two oranges, and sent me on my way.
There’s no denying it was a cool experience, I mean, I literally went from no oranges to two oranges in less that 5 minutes!!! I couldn’t help but feel like there was some sort of magic at play, but alas, there wasn’t. It was simply a series of choices…
Yes I summoned the magical powers of manifestation, but I also moved my feet. Those oranges didn’t just drop out of the sky and into my lap, I grabbed my keys and was willing to go to the store to get them while staying open to the possibility of them arriving in unexpected ways. It was a choice to walk down the hall and into the common room in search of them. It was a choice to open my mouth and shared what I was looking for with my neighbor. Choices, every step of the way, choices.
See, the ease or difficulty you experience in your life, and in your relationships, is quite simply a reflection of the choices you make.
Do you have a loving, supportive, and deeply connected relationship with your partner? You’ve created that one choice at a time.
Do you have a shitty, volatile, possibly even reactive relationship with your partner? You’ve created that too.
Through my work with men, women, and couples over the last 5-6 years, I’ve managed to identified a series of choices you’re unconsciously making, that are causing you to feel resentful, frustrated, disconnected, and unloved.
Good news is, once you are aware of this, and understand how your choices are shaping your reality, especially when it seems like your relationship is crumbling around you, you will have harnessed the magic that will help you create a loving, supportive, and deeply connected relationship.
In fact, I want to give you a road map to help you side step situations, that left unattended, have the potential to turn ugly or worse threaten your twosome.....
If your relationship isn’t quite as good as you know it can be, at risk, or perhaps dying a slow painful death, please know it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, within 30 minutes I can help you identify not only what’s causing your situation, but outline clear easy steps you can take alleviate any anger, resentment, and frustration you may be experiencing.
If you book a complimentary discovery call today you will get:
* A clear understanding of the choices you’re making, alone and as a couple, that are hijacking your relationship
* Instant awareness around the biggest issues you face as a couple, along with the “magic” solution to turn it around in just minutes
* The opportunity to make one of the most powerful decisions available for your future and the future of your relationship…
If you’d like to find out more about how you can learn and apply this skill set to deepen and strengthen your relationship, comment below or send me a private message to schedule your FREE 20 minute discovery session, and I’ll be in touch soon.
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Update : 09-01-2018