It's a tough place as a Medicine Person

It's a tough place as a Medicine Person... I want to support ALL parents who are losing children. There are phenomenal Dads out there AND Moms (just like there are lousy ones on both sides. Look at this guy who voted for Trump and is looking for major sympathy while he wears the shirt of the man who just made it even easier for his other kids to get killed.)
And then there's the "I'm gonna spend 9 months MAKING A HUMAN BEING and then being a 24/7 restaurant for several years" thang...
I believe it's safe to say that ALL Dads don't go through that part. They can be supportive. They can get the pickles and ice cream at 3:00 in the morning. They can let Mom sleep through every single night and drive the crying baby in the car. AND –– no matter how wonderful –– they do NOT have the relationship that happens when you MAKE A HUMAN BEING. They may have a better one with the living being than the Mom does (I know plenty of wonderful men who are FAR better parents than their wives) AND they STILL did not MAKE A HUMAN BEING.
I'm harping on that making a human part because I think there needs to be a space where good parents, who are Moms, can freely talk and pray about their UNIQUE experience of living in a world that grows more and more likely to kill THE HUMAN BEING THEY MADE. I think that's fair. I think it's NEEDED. I think it would ALSO be wonderful if, when that grieving and praying in a focused sacred space is done by the folks who make humans, that ALL the folks who RAISE humans well need to come together and hear what was learned in that sacred space. It's time to SHARE what we learn in prayer, folks. Jus' sayin'
What do you think? (It's my page. Be civil and kind and passionate. Don't need you to agree with me cuz I'm looking for us to share our thoughts from as many sides as we can get. We need NEW rituals and NEW solutions. If you're an ass, I'll delete your comment; warn you; and –– if you keep misbehaving –– block you completely. These are volatile times and volatile subjects... I want folks to have a safe place to be heard.
With Love,
Netiquette Sheriff JWOW
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